India’s never short of creativity! That’s evident from the ads that are showcased on TV – some of which feature some hilarious content disguised in the form of advertising.

It’s always nice to do a quick run-through of some of the most popular campaigns to understand how smart some of the nation’s advertising media planning agencies are:


Swiggy had a fantastic year thanks to a slew of advertising campaigns that dominated their social media accounts. The #SwiggyVoiceofHunger initiative is the one that stands out the most. Instagram was the main subject of the campaign.

Swiggy took advantage of an Instagram feature that enabled users to submit voice notes in DMs last year. Swiggy invited participants to send voice notes via DM in which the form of the soundwave they generated when sending the voice note had to mimic the shape of a dish Swiggy had posted that same day.

Swiggy vouchers were given to the winners for (wait for it) a whole year!

Swiggy received a fantastic response, receiving 1.5 lakh DMs in just ten days! They also enlisted the help of influencers such as Srishti Dixit, Rohan Joshi, and others to take part in the challenge, which helped to significantly raise their campaign and overall brand recognition.


Last year, Ariel India’s #SharetheLoad initiative, which soon became a trend, struck a chord. In January 2019, they released a moving video depicting a harassed mother cleaning up after her son after learning that her daughter decided to leave her job because her husband was incapable of assisting her with household chores.

The lady then realized she was repeating the same error with her son and began teaching him how to do his washing.


Last year’s Spotify Diwali campaign, which featured Anil Kapoor and Ishaan Khattar, was a huge hit, with over 50 million views on YouTube.

Because Spotify just recently entered the market in India, this initiative is more of an advertising campaign, demonstrating that they also have over 50 million tracks from which to choose.

4.Rahul Bose:

Amazon Prime’s marketing efforts never fail to surprise, but when they capitalized on the #RahulBoseMoment in July last year, they were the champions of moment marketing in India. The trend of jumping on a phenomenon and using it for your own brand is known as moment marketing.

When Rahul Bose tweeted about being paid Rs.442.50 for two bananas at a five-star hotel, a slew of companies jumped on the opportunity to tout how much less expensive their services were.


Cred is soon turning into modern-day ad legends with their unique ads, which primarily feature during the IPL. Last year, they had released the “audition tapes” where many Bollywood heavyweight celebs were seen auditioning for their ads, only to be rejected by the Cred marketing team. The ads went super viral and they took it to another level this year.

This year, they released a series of ads where they juxtaposed how easy their services were with instances of wishful thinking – like for eg. Our services are so ridiculous, it’s like saying Rahul Dravid has anger issues – only to cut to the otherwise mild-mannered Dravid having an anger meltdown in a traffic jam.

The ad went viral and the other ones also featured hilarious premises like Kumar Sanu selling (singing) insurance, Jackie Shroff dancing Zumba, and even 90s cricketers starting their own boy bands.

With these options, it becomes easy to see that India’s creativity levels are at a high! What was your favorite? Also, check out Prachar to know all about marketing and advertising and taking your own brand to the next level.