If you use online advertising media planning, you’d have heard all about programmatic advertising and how it’s changed the way digital business is done.

We’ll break down the concept for you and give you a short guide on how you can get started on programmatic buying. The first thing to understand is what is programmatic advertising in the first place.

What Is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic ad buying is the usage of software to buy space for advertising digitally. The traditional method requires usage of tenders, proposals, human negotiation and quotes. With programmatic advertising, all of this can be taken care of with the help of algorithms and software to purchase space for displaying ads.

Here’s how you can get started:
  • Knowing The Marketplace:

The first step to programmatic buying is simple: It’s to get to grips with what you’re planning to do. As a person who’s venturing into a new facet of advertising, you will be faced with a wide number of terms and ideas, and you must take the time to know them.

  • Setting Goals:

It’s crucial that you set the goals for your marketing program. To do so, you must use the data that’s already existing to determine the type of awareness you require for an effective strategy along with an impeccable social media marketing plan. This will allow you to set both long-term and short-term goals in the process.

  • A Human Touch:

Even if programmatic advertising depends on machines and algorithms, it still requires a little human investment. There are various platforms which offer half- or fully-managed services. Some others are pure technical platforms and will allow you to run these activities on your own.

  • Protecting The Brand:

One of the biggest challenges facing programmatic advertising is its reliance on the algorithms which could mean the ad appearing in the wrong place. Top media buying agencies like Prachar ensure that the blacklist from the demand side is updated constantly and monitored for any inappropriate sites.

There are platforms that allow for exclusions of entire categories from these ad spends and they can be helpful too.

You could opt to use a whitelist that narrows the ability to search for your audience but also ensures there’s no unrelated material with your ad. The leading advertising and media agencies can take care of these factors with ease.

  • Watch For Fraud:

Programmatic ads are viewable between 44% to 55%. Bot fraud however, can cost advertisers around $6.5 billion each year. Make sure that you’re getting genuine responses to whatever you’re putting out and have a thorough check every once in a while.

Thus, with programmatic advertising, you can change your approach to online advertising and make your life simpler. Head over to Prachar and begin your journey!