A leading hero of Bollywood, Salman Khan has been known for endorsing a wide array of brands and companies over his almost four decade stint. From cola to chappals, biscuits and more, the bad boy has always managed to stay relevant and enthrall his legions of fans around the country with eye-grabbing ventures of celebrity endorsement in advertising.

Here’s a quick look at his celebrity brand endorsement journey with the leading advertising and media agencies from the time he entered the industry –

Initial Stages and Cola Career –

During his first few years as an ambassador, Salman had advertised for brands such as Limca, Campa Cola, Honda Bikes and Double Bull shirts. This was way before he even entered the industry as an actor and was working as a model. This helped him lay the platform to a long and successful endorsement journey that still reigns strong to this day. 

Even after Salman made it big, he was always interested in promoting his own self as a brand and this catapulted the likes of Thums Up and more to sign him up in 2002, till their contract was completed. After that, he signed with soft drink brand Mountain Dew till 2010 and reverted back to Thums Up and completed a second successful stint.

Today, he still endorses a soft drink brand, with Pepsi being the main benefactors of his service.

Other Brands –

Apart from soft drinks, Salman has also been the ambassador for Yatra.com, of which he is also a shareholder. He has also grown to become the ambassador of the History Channel and Suzuki motorcycles. Salman Khan brand ambassador list also expands to the likes of Red Tape Shoes and Relaxo Hawaii, in addition to detergent brands like Wheel.

Salman has appeared for Chlormint as an ambassador for the gum brand with his younger brother Sohail Khan and also innerwear brand Dixcy Scott and BlackBerry Playbook. Other brands include Tiger biscuits, Ranbaxy’s Revital and SF Sonic batteries. Khan is also the ambassador for BMC or Bombay Municipal Corporation’s drive that is against public defecation in the city and endorses CP Plus as an ambassador for their CCTV cameras and services.

He is also the second ambassador for Emami Healthy and Tasty but his most popular endorsement is that of his own brand, Being Human. Through BH, he has notably been involved in many charitable causes and owns a line of fashion stores all around the nation that are easily recognizable.

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