One of the biggest Bollywood stars in the game today, Akshay Kumar is definitely seen as someone who is bankable. His clean persona and pleasant demeanour make him a natural fit for any celebrity brand endorsement agency in India that wants to be associated with his qualities.

Akshay Kumar has carefully cultivated this image of being an everyman purely by the roles he picks and the brands he promotes.

Here are a few things we can learn from his choices –

The Nationalist Urge –

Akshay Kumar has off late been taking up a lot more nationalist roles. From movies like Gold and Padman or even Kesari and Airlift, he has reinvented himself as a national hero, allowing people to view him as a real champion of the nation.

It’s that rebranding that has helped him gain more recognition as an actor and as a role model among the youth. His selection of movies extended to his selection of advertising and allowed him to pick brands that pushed this narrative and bring out some peerless instances of Celebrity branding.

The People’s Hero –

Apart from his picking of roles, Akshay Kumar has also taken his nationalist agenda to another level with his closeness to the current government. He was trending heavily during the segment when he interviewed the Prime Minister of India.

The light-hearted interview was no random one. It was done just a few days after the Election Commission issued a ban on Modi’s biopic and the general elections were also underway. Akshay Kumar’s involvement showed that he was indirectly taking a political stand and that appeased the majority of people in the country.

Number of brands –

Akshay Kumar also endorses a really large number of brands. He’s the second-highest endorser in the country, with 22 to his name, just 2 behind Indian cricket captain, Kohli. The celebrity brand endorsement deals to his name allow him to reach out to multiple target segments.

From HUL’s Ayush, Tata Motors’ vehicles, Harpic, Kajaria Tiles, Relaxo Spark Footwear, PolicyBazaar, Fortune Oil, Lodha Developers and so much more, it’s easy to see how many brands believe in him and for good reason.

These three takeaways are a good indicator of Akshay Kumar and his ability to entertain audiences and brand managers alike. Therefore, it is definitely tough to reach his stature, but with trustworthy Akshay Kumar brand ambassador companies, you can ensure your roadmap to successful branding!