Media buying is an important step in the marketing process. Through media buying, a business can detect and invest in the right ad-space to advertise its products to its specific target audience. There are two types of “ad-space” we’re talking about, the traditional media (television commercial, radio commercial, mails in your mailbox) and the new media (Instagram, Spotify, Twitter).

What are the golden rules?
  • Decode the Marketing Track Record: In any successful media buying procedure, it is inevitable for the media buyer to carry out a thorough background analysis of the business and its previous marketing track records. This is essential to recognize the brand’s objectives, past ad-programs, and the present positioning of the brand’s status in the industry.

  • A Strategic Budget Plan: A strong budget plan influences a positive ROI. The media buyer should be well-versed in financial concepts and should be able to analyze sales cycles, profit margins, and seasonality of purchases. Accessing an online media buying agency can help in a big way.

  • Know the Knack to Mix it Right: To run an effective media campaign, one should have an idea of the complex landscape of media. A successful ad-campaign is run by a combination of both traditional and new media. The right mix of media is the key to tap into your ideal consumers’ frequently used ad-space at a time when they are most receptive.

  • Analyze your Competitors: Do not underestimate the value of competitive analysis. Identifying your competition’s platform for advertising and recognizing their advertising practices will help you augment your own marketing procedures, bring forth new ideas to drive more traffic and conversions for your brand.

  • Negotiating the Placement of the Ad as well as the Price: Along with creative messaging and a decent amount of money invested in the ad, the placement of the ad also plays a huge role in its success. The placement of the ad should be done at a time when your target audience is most receptive to the respective media platform. This is where effective negotiation with the network and media providers comes into play, this will help you to get the right combination of exposure, target market, and price per ad. A well-devised advertising media planning strategy needs to be in place for that.

  • Evolving with Time: The media landscape is an ever-changing arena and the right media buying strategy needs to constantly adapt and evolve with changing marketing trends. A media buyer must be able to keenly analyze the results from past campaigns and apply it to make more strategic decisions in the future.

An ad-campaign is an on-going process that involves continuous testing of the procedure to look for more opportunities to refine the campaign throughout its course. To plan and execute a campaign effectively, connecting with the right agency is what serves best for any business.