Ads that feature a celebrity can swiftly capture the viewer’s attention. Marketers have mastered the technique of capitalizing products via celebrity influence. However, the concept of ‘celebrity’ has transformed over the years.

Earlier the term ‘celebrity’ would spark the image of actors and actresses in one’s mind. With time, eminent sports personalities, authors, fitness enthusiasts have also walked into this arena. But with the advent of digitalization, Indian celebrity brand endorsement landscape has witnessed the most remarkable revolution. 

Digital media gave birth to a new set of celebrities, ‘The influencers’. They are an expert of their niche, have a loyal fan base, are extremely brand relevant and are quite economical to hire. Most brands prefer to use a mix of ‘traditional’, ‘macro’ and ‘micro’ celebrities to enhance their visibility and connect with a wider audience.

Today, consumers are inquisitive and intelligent, it isn’t easy to convince them with just glamour. They look for ads that are logical, that specify the ingredients and benefits of the products and also have an emotional value attached to it. Consumer awareness has changed the perspective of ads entirely. Brands are now focusing on bringing in creativity, infotainment and incentives to ads, along with the touch of celebrity glamour through celebrity endorsement in advertising.

The relationship between a brand and a celebrity has evolved tremendously over the years. Celebrities are now actively involved in full-fledged partnerships with the brands via innovative structures like royalty arrangements and joint ventures. They are even taking up co-ownership of endorsements by holding equity shares of the product.

Nowadays, many celebrities are launching their own merchandise brands by partnering with businesses. For instance, Virat Kohli and Kareena Kapoor have partnered with USPL to launch their own youth-focused fashion brands like Wrogn and Imara respectively.

To penetrate the diversity in Indian population, brands are now tapping into regional celebrities to get a hyperlocal reach. FMCG brands like Horlicks and Coca-Cola have different brand ambassadors in the North and South markets. Kalyan Jewellers, a jewellery brand with a great heritage and strong presence in South India signed Amitabh Bacchan as their brand ambassador to announce their national presence.

Haven’t you heard of the saying, “Two is better than one”. Brands are religiously following this principle these days as we can see power couples being roped in for endorsements. While it’s true that an individual celebrity has their own significance in terms of reach and influence, a power couple can bring a dynamic expansion of the same. Virushka, Deep-Veer and Saifeena are some of the most powerful couple brands in India. Celebrity Endorsements In India have truly come a long way. Celebrity endorsements will forever remain lucrative in the field of marketing. If you’re a brand that aspires to tap into this ever-green niche, Prachar is always at your service.