It’s safe to say that 2020 was a year that tested all, but still, something good came out of it. While the coronavirus pandemic had played a massive role in denting operations across the world, the advertising industry still delivered.

The year was witness to some incredible, thoughtful and quirky advertising media planning campaigns from the leading advertising and media agencies that captured the Indian audiences’ imagination. While the delayed IPL season was the peak of advertising, there were still many other memorable campaigns that stuck to our minds:


From the moment Aamir Khan and Alia Bhatt were signed on to PhonePe, fans knew that something exciting was bound to happen. The IPL season was a culmination of that, with a series of ads featuring the two superstars.

PhonePe’s brand campaign lasted eight weeks and saw Aamir as a police inspector and Alia as a brand ambassador, showcasing the digital capabilities that PhonePe could perform. It accelerated the need to adopt a digital economy by catering to the needs and aspirations of millions across India.


Sexual wellness brand, Durex launched a campaign for their new product, Durex Invisible. They addressed the consumer barrier that plenty of Indians have – condoms hinder the intimacy between couples.

The commercial showcases that nothing comes between unforgettable sex and you, and also closes with the message that there are no obstacles.

The Chief Marketing Officer for RB South Asia Health also said, “Through this campaign, we aim to encourage more and more people to feel pleasurable sex with Durex Invisible while we continue to deliver on the high-quality standards that Durex is known for with no compromises on reliability.

DBS India:

DBS India’s 360-degree campaign highlights its Singaporean history and commitment to India and serving its people. Featuring Sachin Tendulkar, the ad showcases how DBS resonates with many of the attributes that are linked with Singapore – trust, efficiency, and stability, and takes the viewer through a virtual tour of the country.

The bank has been increasing its presence in India following a local subsidiary establishment somewhere last year. The campaign was created to showcase the commitment the bank has with India and a story that they weaved around the same. Apart from these, there have been plenty of other memorable campaigns that the ad film agency in Mumbai is bringing in to showcase creativity and smartness in challenging times. Get yourself all the understanding to create your own ad campaign for a brand, and create one that remains memorable forever!