If you’re someone working in celebrity or sports management, it’s highly likely that you need to understand the importance of sponsorships. By endorsing brands, athletes and celebrity endorsement in advertising make a large chunk of their money and it’s important that they get the right sort of sponsorship that brings in the revenue.

With regards to team or sports sponsorship, there are plenty of rewards which can be enjoyed and there are many things to consider. From the pros and cons, to how important it is, to the various types of sports sponsorship marketing, it becomes a discussion that’s highly necessary before delving into this world. 

It’s important that you understand the various types of sponsorships in sports. This will help you get the right one for your celebrity or event –

Title Sponsor

This is a campaign where a brand endorses an event from start to finish, and is known as the title sponsor. Whenever the name of the event is uttered, it has the brand’s name in the title and this helps in distinguishing it from the rest of the sponsors. A good example of a title sponsor is something like VIVO IPL or Pepsi Superbowl in the USA.

Title sponsors also endorse teams and they hold the highest stake in a team’s external look. This means the sponsor gives the team its name and colours in exchange for being present in their jerseys etc.

Official Sponsor

This is a type of sponsorship that is one tier below the title or main sponsor, but still highly relevant. The official sponsors are the ones who give the money for an event or a team and get a cut of the display rights on the team’s jerseys, apparel, products and more. They might not have the biggest rights, but they can leverage the team’s likeness, players etc to be used in ads and other purposes.

Technical sponsor

These are sponsors who provide the apparel and other gear to a sportsman or team. They most likely have their logos spread across the gear and if the team needs any customized needs for their sport, they take up the responsibility and provide them with what’s needed.

Title sponsors generally have the most reach with regards to numbers and mainly if you want to target a niche area. The benefits of choosing the best companies for sports sponsorship is that you can use the imagery etc. across communications and they sit well. To understand more about sports and celebrity management, celebrity branding, social media marketing plan and more, head over to Prachar and we’ll help you carry out memorable and impactful campaigns.