If you’re in the digital marketing business, you’d know it’s hard work to create a successful and fully-fledged content marketing campaign strategy. Think of it as a challenge where you need to do whatever is needed to succeed. It’s the single-most important way to get your products into the hands of the customer to purchase from you.

However, if those numbers are dwindling off late, there are a few advertising media planning techniques you can employ so you understand whether you should revamp the strategy. Here are a few things that might give you the sign that it’s time for a change –

  1. Declining numbers – Content marketing is created for the purpose of building trust among customers and bringing prospects who are qualified and also to increase sales. If you want to solve it, you will need to analyze different data in a much more specific manner. Look at the content that’s working best and compare it with that which is performing okay.

  2. Search results drop off –If you were ranking higher in search results and the numbers have dropped, you might have to revamp the SEO strategy. Drill into the data and do your necessary research on the search engines guidelines. You could also find out if there are certain keywords which are missing.

In case you’ve to update these keywords, you can do so and refresh the content to incorporate this strategy. You must look at other reasons why the content isn’t rising up to the top. It could be due to the fact that you might have to update the mobile responsiveness, face a site speed or even structural issue which the IT team can tweak.

  • Your content is self-promotional –Earlier, content creators used to stuff sites with keywords and self-promotional content. If the content doesn’t help customers conquer their challenges, you need to restructure it to do so.

Today, customers demand information that’s helpful from businesses before they consider a purchase. More than 74% of them purchase from the first company that provides the insight and value they seek.

  • You’re not growing on social media –In case you’re not able to reach out to people, you might have to examine some of the common reasons why it isn’t as attractive to your potential customers. It could be that you need to hunt for more niche audiences that are a better fit for the brand through your social media marketing plan.

You can brainstorm with the team regarding the audiences that are getting neglected and work towards creating content that appeals to them via these posts.

With these tips, it becomes easier to understand the first steps you need to take to revamp your ad strategy. Keep experimenting and soon you’ll find the right mix that works for you. Revamping an advertising strategy is not something that comes easy to us. It’s best to get an advertising agency on board to help us accomplish all your advertising goals.