One of the greatest sportsmen to have graced the game of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar is also known for changing the way sports sponsorship marketing was done in India. The iconic Mumbai batsman was known to endorse a large number of brands during his heydays, with the most popular one being MRF and Boost.

With that being said, Sachin’s sponsorship game is largely attributed to his manager and agent at the time – Mark Mascarenhas. The late Mascarenhas helped Sachin become more than just a cricketer, bringing him some of the best companies for sports sponsorship and adding to his legend through the latter half of the 90s.

What were the Tactics Employed?

Mascarenhas, who was based in Connecticut in the USA, had turned the game of cricket into a highly profitable business with the help of some incredible deals for TV broadcasting and also helped Tendulkar rake in the money like never before, and unlike any sportsman ever seen at the time. 

Mark saw Sachin’s potential owing to his large popularity that coincided with the sports growth in India too. He convinced Sachin to take care of only his game, while he would take care of the celebrity branding and manage his deal-making affairs. He had met Sachin in 1995 via Ravi Shastri, and signed him up with a guaranteed Rs. 30 Crore deal. 

He justified his statement by saying that he had never ever seen a player like Tendulkar. From the time Sachin roped in Mascarenhas as his commercial head, his batting was on the rise too, with some absolutely legendary knocks cementing his spot as India’s favourite sportsman. These include the mythical Desert Storm innings and a few other knocks of honour.

Looking Out for Tendulkar’s Interests:

Mascarenhas was a big fan of Tendulkar and didn’t want him to take his focus off the game. Sachin also relied on Mark to look out for his best interests and in 2001, this was cemented further, with a massive 100-crore deal with WorldTel. 

With time, Sachin ended up endorsing a large slew of brands, and was regarded as being responsible for bringing in the era of sports management in India. Since his successful stint as Tendulkar’s manager till his unfortunate death, Mascarenhas solely raised his legendary status, making him one of the most recognized athletes not just in India but around the world too.

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