Many marketers are making a critical error in today’s crowded marketplace. When it comes to planning campaigns, they place too much emphasis on the budget and completely overlook something much more important: the media strategy. The markets you represent and the distribution platforms you select should be carefully considered if you want your campaigns to be effective and your messages to have the desired effect.

Here are five core areas to focus on if you’re planning on a media planning strategy:

1. The Goal Outline:

What is the objective of your campaign? Is it to boost the brand’s visibility? To announce the launch of a new product line? Is it possible to promote a sale? You want people to sign up for your webinar or email, so how do you do that? Each of your ad campaigns must be assigned just one specific goal. You can’t plan media without a goal in mind.

2. The Target Audience:

Before you can start thinking about possible media outlets, you need to figure out who your ideal prospect is, if you haven’t already. Begin by examining your existing clientele. Who does business with you, and why do they do so? Which consumers are the most profitable for you? There’s a good chance that other people, including these customers, will buy from you as well.

Your competitors are also a valuable resource. Who are they going after? Who is actually making purchases from them? The trick is to avoid targeting the same people as your rivals and instead aim for a niche market that they are missing. Your media planning and buying agency in Mumbai can help in this matter.

3. Research Assets:

After you’ve identified your target group, you’ll need to do some analysis to figure out the best ways to reach out to them. What are the most dependable news sources in your field? What are the interests of your prospects? What method do they use to get their news? What are their preferred social media platforms?

You’ll also want to look over all of the magazines and digital platforms you’re thinking about and figure out how much they’ll cost. How big of an ad would you need to stand out in your local magazine, for example? Will you need to pull out the big guns and purchase a full-page full-color ad to make a big impact with a half-page ad, or will you be able to make a big impact with a full-page full-color ad? Once you answer this, your research becomes easier and you can focus your efforts better.

4. The Right Tools:

These methods are designed specifically for observing and interpreting the media use of an audience, which is an important part of media planning.

Global Web Index: This model offers the world’s biggest ongoing analysis of the digital customer with efficient analytics, and it is the world’s biggest supplier of customer sampling data to the advertising world.

The score is a web-based tool for planning and comparing media use and ad spending across platforms and countries.

Once you settle for these factors, you’ll begin seeing your marketing efforts taking better shape, and media planning become easier. Head over to Prachar to get started on everything marketing-related!