A digital content trends survey of 2000+ US customers conducted last year discovered that 69 percent of respondents subscribe to at least one video streaming service. With COVID-19 compelling people to remain indoors, media consumption seemed to have taken off like a rocket.  People are staying home thanks to the efforts of content developers. Behind the scenes, this expansion is being powered by rapid technical breakthroughs.

The media business was among the first to be confronted with and effectively navigate the onslaught of digital disruptors. The many pains, however, are far from done. Digitalization is a constantly evolving beast that businesses must continually manage and this where they need the help of an online media buying agency.

The advent of social media, free internet access, and the prevalence of phones and tablets have altered media consumers’ wants and expectations. As a consequence, there is a dizzying array of new digital experiences. These include:

1.On-Demand Video:

The worldwide video on demand (VoD) industry is predicted to increase at an 8.3 percent CAGR through 2021. Subscription-based VoD services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ give consumers access to packages depending on a subscription basis, and these appear to be popular favorites.

Others, such as Google Play Movies, allow people to rent content that can be saved or streamed to their preferred device.

2.Intelligent media: A win-win situation

People meters were put for free in homes prior to the advent of smart media, and TRP (Target Rating Points/Television Rating Points) had been used to quantify the number of individuals viewing a given program at a specific time.

Unfortunately, this measure provided just a small sample size. VoD and streaming businesses have circumvented this problem by generating massive amounts of analytics from each single viewing session. This allows them to create relevant campaigns for each audience’s persona, resulting in a more personalized experience.

3.Promotional ads:

While algorithms are a well-guarded secret, it is obvious that there is a certain ingenious technique behind a user registering into service to discover just the perfect information. Ads are ingeniously embedded within these recommendations. Pre-roll, in-stream, and post-roll advertising have previously proven to be beneficial in enhancing distributor revenue. Dynamic Ad Insertion, for example, is a server-side video ad technology that can inject video commercials into live streaming as well as video on demand.

Advertisers can provide tailored ads to different viewers within the same stream thanks to the extensive insights provided by a contemporary video ad server.

With these pointers, it becomes easy to understand the emerging trends. With Prachar, you’ll be able to start your own journey into media buying and grow your brand.

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