Working in social media means you need to calculate a wide range of metrics and keep your audience entertained and informed of your brand. It’s important that you know if the social media marketing plan that you’re working on is feasible or not in terms of the results you seek.

Here’s how you can find out if your social media plan is working and how you can measure it. The important metrics of calculations include:


While having followers is good, having more means you have a larger sphere of influence. It can raise the potential of the content that you work on and share and also make a strong influence and impression with your partners and investors. The influencer marketing agencies of today are always on the hunt to discover promising influencers helping a brand climb up the ladder of popularity.

They can use your follower count as a metric to understand your authority, popularity or even influence and thereby, enhance their influencer marketing campaigns. They don’t indicate how active some of these followers are, so keep that in mind.


There are some social media platforms that provide strong insights on the number of impressions a post has received or for a piece of content that is shared. It is valuable and gives you an indication of how far you can reach.

It doesn’t give you the whole picture, again, as you don’t know what people do after viewing your content.


This is a valuable metric, but again doesn’t tell you if the visitors are doing anything on your site. You need to do a qualitative measurement, in addition to quantitative.

Better metrics:

Here are the metrics that actually matter:

  • Conversions: You can measure conversions, or set up your “goals” on the Google Analytics page. This will tell you how many users are actually taking meaningful action on the website.

    You can define what this meaningful action is and even assign a value if needed, to truly understand what percentage of users are taking necessary action.

  • Engagements: Instead of looking at followers, you need to look at engagements. These include likes, comments, shares and also shows that people don’t just passively see you posting things. They are actually interested in seeing what you post.

  • Growth Velocity: This also gives you an indicator of meaningful behaviour and compares many metrics to similar metrics from the past. How fast is the growth? Are the numbers increasing? Where are they stagnant and so on.

  • On-site behaviour: You should look at social-specific traffic within Google Analytics. It gives you an answer of how your traffic is behaving on the site, the pages they’re visiting, and what they’re interested in.

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