Sports Sponsorship is an incredible marketing technique. It is a collaborative work relationship between a company and a sports club. The company sponsors the sports event and by doing so, it aims to boost its brand awareness and consumer loyalty. On the other hand, the sports club is aided by the funding of the sponsors.

It’s clearly a two-way street where both parties are immensely benefited. Moreover, sports is a highly-consumed content worldwide. Sports events usually garner a lot of media exposure and thereby large scale public attention. This boosts the visibility of your brand in the public domain, i.e., why most marketers allot a good portion of their marketing budget into sports sponsorships.

Let’s dive into the most catchy phrase of 2020  “Dream 11 pe team banalo”.

Every kid in India knows this one by heart.

And, why is that?

Cricket is undoubtedly the most loved sport in India. Hence, it serves as the best platform for brands to connect with their consumers. ‘The Indian Premier League (IPL)’ is every sponsor’s utopia. The massive popularity of IPL offers instantaneous and large-scale visibility to brands and hence, brands readily invest in sports sponsorship marketing.

Dream11 is an Indian sports gaming app where users can play fantasy cricket, hockey, football etc. So, with a lot of startups competing for the title place, BCCI eventually awarded the title sponsorship of IPL 2020 to the fantasy gaming app ‘Dream 11’. Aaand…the rest is history.

Ab toh har baccha bhi yahin bolta hai “uncle, blog hum padh lenge, aap jao aur dream 11 par team banalo”

All thanks to the brilliant advertising tactics and the colossal power of sports sponsorship marketing. The ad-campaigns of IPL made ‘Dream 11’ a viral brand overnight.

Also, audiences connect with sportsmen on a deep level. Their undying love and passion for the game, their speed, their strategies and their strength is a spectacle to watch in sports. This inspires the audience to build deeper relationships with sportsmen. These attributes of sports can add a lot of value to your own brand objectives.

Sports sponsorship is undeniably the next big thing in the marketing arena. If used in the right way, sports sponsorship marketing is an incredible tool to unveil your brand ideas and innovations, and build long-lasting bonds with your consumers. And, the ROI. That’s a sure thing. If you’re a brand that’s looking for the best companies for sports sponsorship to help you collaborate with different sports teams, then you’re at the right place. Prachar has years of expertise in this arena and we’re glad to be at your service. Come join hands with us and boost your brand awareness to exponential levels.