Celebrity branding is a traditional form of marketing. Initially, celebrity commercials were only limited to TV ads or print ads. However, the internet has brought tremendous evolution to this form of marketing.

Nowadays, if a video features an influential celebrity on its thumbnail, it becomes 10x times clickbaity compared to a thumbnail featuring a regular person. Needless to say, celebrity endorsement in advertising will always remain trendy in the marketing landscape.

So how can you make the most out of celebrity branding?

  • Find the right celebrity

For a successful celebrity endorsement, a brand must collaborate with a celebrity who’s relevant to their product.

For instance, if your brand sells cosmetic products, an influential actress would be an ideal ambassador for you over an influential author. Therefore, look for congruence between the celebrity and your product.

Dimensions of celebrity endorsement
  • Credibility

Buyers consider celebrities to be a credible source of information because the products correspond to their personal image and lifestyle. This is where credibility comes into play. The communicator’s positive traits should impact the receiver’s acceptance of the message being conveyed.

  • Attractiveness

Physical attractiveness can be a significant factor in driving traffic towards a product. After all, advertising tactics are largely based on the idea that beauty is persuasive in itself. A pleasing aura and healthy body built can be charming to the eye and engage more viewers.

  • Expertise

Expertise is the knowledge, experience, and skills of the endorsers. Even though the endorser has not used the products, their achievements in the industry and their standard of communication should create a perception of expertise in the minds of the target consumers.

Your ideal celebrity must qualify all three dimensions for a successful endorsement.

  • Associate with a cause

Working with a non-profit organization or charity will create a positive image for your brand. Your customers will feel esteemed to contribute to goodwill by buying your products. Thereby partnering with a celebrity for a cause can optimize your visibility and drive incentives among your consumers to buy your products.

One of the classic success stories of celebrity brand endorsement can be of Manyavar joining hands with Virat and Anushka. Their joint endorsement worked wonders for the brand. They are undeniably a powerful, lovable, ambitious, and good-looking pair. They truly capture the characteristics of an ideal youth, creating a perfect brand image for Manyavar. The campaign was a huge success and the impeccable timing of the wedding was a cherry on the cake. Are you searching for your potential endorser? Well we, at Prachar, are delighted to help you find your ideal celebrity. Connect with us for further details.