Marketing styles are changing rapidly with time. As the world is being digitized, consumers approaching companies directly has become a thing of the past, people are now relying on their favorite celebrities, content creators, bloggers, and so on, with a massive number of followers on different social media platforms to quench their consumer-related queries. The influencer’s word of mouth spreads like fire on social media.

This is exactly why influencer marketing is the best way to boost your brand.

Let’s sneak-a-peek into some of the most successful influencer marketing campaigns:

  • GAP: GAP is an American worldwide clothing and accessories retailer. With the rise in fashion brands, GAP was slowly fading into irrelevance. GAP made a powerful comeback by launching their ‘’ campaign. They collaborated with influential social media personalities and multiple micro-influencers and asked them to include GAP clothing in their OOTD’s, along with a ‘Shop this look’ action in their captions. This campaign gained a lot of popularity within a very short span of time.

  • Manyavar: Manyavar is India’s leading retail brand in men’s ethnic wear. It launched its ‘Aadha Aadha’ campaign with Virat Kohli being the face of the brand campaign. He is the ideal role model for today’s youth. A wedding is an important milestone in every individual’s life, it is a celebration of two families becoming one and conveys the true essence of ‘sharing’. Through this campaign, Virat Kohli urges the youth to share their wedding expenses – ‘Aadha Aadha’. This truly is an example of a campaign with a purpose.

  • Loco: Loco is India’s biggest game streaming platform. They collaborated with ‘Filter Copy’, one of the fastest-growing YouTube channels in India. They released a video on Father’s day, titled ‘Things Father’s Do’, which starred some of the top television actors. In one scene, the father was shown using the Loco app. The endorsement of the product was done in a very subtle way yet the emotional element of this video helped garner a lot of viewers’ attention, thereby bringing Loco to the public eye. This is indeed one of the best influencer marketing campaigns.

  • Glossier: Glossier is a skincare brand. They built a movement by collaborating with several micro-influencers. Unlike top beauty brands that use celebrities and A-list models to advertise their products, glossier invited regular women, in fact, their own customers to endorse their product. This made the brand more approachable and well-received. It instantly developed a huge fan base among women. With the help of a referral program, they offered product discounts, coupon codes, and incentives to their consumers. Thanks to the involvement of multiple influencers from versatile niches, Glossier’s campaign became a massive success.

These campaigns are proof that influencer marketing is one of the best ways to boost your brand. It’s powerful, it’s social, it’s easily trackable, and well, it’s sexy coz everyone is talking about it.