One of the facets about traditional advertising outlets such as print and television is that their success metrics can’t be calculated. With the growth of social media, channels such as YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat are becoming more and more relevant to the younger generation.

One of the most popular ways to get eyeballs on these channels are through influencer marketing. They allow brands to target their customers by leveraging engaging audiences of top social media influencers.

What do influencer marketing agencies do?

Influencer marketing agencies do everything from strategy, execution and management of all the advertising marketing campaigns with influencers. This is a type of advertising for direct-response initiatives and branding-based exercises. It can take the form of product placements, paid sponsorships, content marketing, etc.

Influencer marketing agencies form a relationship between social media stars and their audiences via a brand connect. These experiences are implemented via influencer ad and influencer marketing campaigns, which also help in seeing if the brand is the right fit for an influencer. By doing so, brands are able to reach out to larger audiences from multiple platforms while also ensuring their brand voice stays consistent throughout all the campaigns they put out.
The five types of campaigns a marketing agency run include –
  • Product Placements – These are campaigns which involve a company’s product, service or even a logo that goes onto the social media influencer’s story, blog post, photos or videos.

  • Contest, Sweepstakes and giveaways – These are campaigns which inspire user engagement and also collaborate with social media stars for exciting contests or even a giveaway.

  • Hashtags Campaign – These are campaigns where influencers are asked to develop content around a hashtag or a theme, and asking followers to use the same hashtag as well.

  • Creative influencer campaigns – These are similar to a hashtag or a thematic campaign and they give influencers the freedom to create any content that reflects their central theme or message.

  • Building social followers – These are campaigns which can increase follower count on a social media channel and can be a valuable add-on to your social media marketing plan.

How can they differ from other agencies –

While there are many social media, creative, digital or PR agencies that offer influencer marketing services as part of their strategy, there are dedicated influencer marketing strategies available.

Today, there are multiple strategies an agency can adopt if they want to give their influencer the best experience. From choosing the right platform, providing suggestions on the moodboards to even assisting on scripts so the perfect output is obtained, an agency can go the whole nine yards in giving their influencer and the brand a perfect experience.

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