India is a nation that adores and reveres its celebrities. The likes of Amitabh Bachchan, Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni and SRK are icons who enjoy an almost god-like status. With that in mind, endorsements and celebrity managers clamour to get the best athletes to represent.

The evolution of Celebrity Management Services in India has evolved since the 90s. Earlier, actors and athletes used to be personally involved in every deal they signed but that has since changed with the inclusion of a manager. 

How does celebrity management now function?

With regards to sports, most celebrity managers are given the front seat to take decisions on behalf of their clients. When Sachin signed the first big sports celebrity management deal in the 90s, it was seen as a big move, primarily because he handed over the reins of his work to a manager.

Since then, talent management companies have taken the sole responsibility to manage and strategize celebrity endorsement deals, media rights and activities and more. Now, digital rights, merchandising and licensing too 

How talent management companies work 

Companies like Prachar Communications offer fully-fledged services that deal with talent and media at multiple levels. By mobilizing the critical mass into creating something believable and profound, talent management companies create long-term visions.

India’s celebrity brand endorsement market is huge and carries with it a lot of potential. By answering questions such as understanding whether the event carries weight or the talent carries weight, tapping into TV deals or producing events and selling rights. Other aspects that a celebrity service in India deals with also include the creation of a viable model for business. 

Celebrity power in India – 

In India, it’s all about tapping into a celebrity’s power in their current state. By showcasing their magnitude with commercials that go beyond the norm, they are able to harness powerful opportunities. Talent managers understand the power of the celebrity in India and are always on hand to ensure they get the best exposure with the best brands, at all times! 

With social media giving celebrity endorsements a whole new meaning of reach, talent management companies are now looking to create deals that give their celebrities a whole 360-degree treatment that brings in the money. 

Brands are producing at a frequent rate and management companies are keeping up with the pace. The need to move on increases in full steam and with this, the future of talent management looks a whole lot more promising than before.