Celebrities have grown so much in clout over the last few decades, especially with the explosion of social media. While celebrity brand endorsements aren’t a new concept, the way they’ve grown to give a brand an identity definitely has.

Here are a few celebrity endorsement stories that have been successful in the past:
Sachin Tendulkar – MRF:

If MRF can claim to be a household name today, a large part of the credit definitely rests on the shoulders of the cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar. One of the best examples of how sports sponsorship marketing can become a rage.

The Master Blaster, as he’s popularly known, donned an MRF sticker on his bat for the best part of a decade and also featured in television and print commercials for them. MRF capitalized on his ascension to superstardom and were able to get their name out to a massive audience of Indians. This helped them cement their place as one of the country’s most popular tyre companies and they even went on to sponsor a pace academy in their home town of Chennai.

Shah Rukh Khan – Pepsi:

One of the most awaited ads in the first decade of the new millennium would undoubtedly be Shah Rukh Khan and his collaborations with Pepsi. The king of Bollywood at the time, SRK was known for his colourful brand promotions and vibrant celebrity branding image. He has always managed to hit the nail on the head whenever he did ads for Pepsi.

From his Oye Bubbly! Campaign to the Youngistaan and more, SRK was able to give Pepsi its own identity and through the same, create a cultural talking point for plenty of youth and adults alike. The brand endorsement for Pepsi was great and saw their sales skyrocket and give tough competition to Coca Cola.

Katrina Kaif – Slice:

One of the most popular advertising media planning campaigns in the last decade or so, Katrina Kaif’s collab with the Slice mango drink was undoubtedly memorable and highly popular. The ad saw her seductively drink mango juice and it captivated a nation, to put it short. Slice saw their sales more than triple after the ad and they’ve since reused and reshot the campaigns too.

Katrina Kaif’s image as a poster girl also skyrocketed post the ad and saw many try to replicate the success she created. If there’s a benchmark for one successful campaign in Indian advertising history, this had to be it!

With these collaborations and celebrity endorsement in advertising, brands have been able to create a niche for themselves and their categories. Head over to Prachar, one of the best celebrity endorsement and influencer marketing agencies in India, and get started on your celebrity endorsement journey right away!