Virat Kohli’s outstanding on-field abilities have made him a fan favorite among Indian cricket fans as well as brands that have partnered with him over the years. Kohli, a brand ambassador, demonstrated responsibility by excluding soft drink and fairness cream brands from his list of brand partnerships, in addition to his outstanding sportsmanship.

We take a thorough look into a cricketing personality, decoding Virat Kohli’s presence on social media as well as the unique reputation he’s created over the years.

Social Media Overview:

Kohli’s candid communication and attitude remain prominent at a time when fans are seeing celebrities taking a more compassionate and selfless approach through their social media presence.

The cricketer takes a 360-degree approach to social media. From Virushka moments to cricket-related posts, from brand partnerships with Puma, Audi, and Star Sports, amongst others, amplified through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to his own business projects supported via his social media accounts, Kohli also shares his NGO initiatives.

The year 2020 began with inspirational posts from cricketers, including Anushka Sharma, who shared candid moments. As COVID-19 spread across the globe, the cricketer’s social media page shifted from sharing cricket moments to encouraging his fans to take responsibility and support government efforts to combat the pandemic.

Social Media Presence:

Kohli was ranked first for the third year in a row in a Duff & Phelps Celebrity Brand Valuation Report published in February 2020. In the same year, his brand value increased by 39% to USD 237.5 million (mn). For a cricketer, social media is important, and this cricketer seems to have struck the right chords in his social contact and tone.

Kohli has the following number of followers across all social media platforms:

Instagram – 69.4 million users.

Facebook – 37 million users.

Twitter – 36.7 million users.

Instagram has a 4.5 percent engagement score, according to Qoruz data for engagement statistics on the cricketer’s social media profile.

Kohli’s social media presence is dominated by moments leveraging cricket, despite his status as one of the best batsmen in the world. His social media posts vary from his practice sessions to fun moments, with inspirational words of action as the caption expressing pride for his nation.

It’s easy to see why he holds such a strong presence in the media, and as a celebrity. His performances back his brand value and he’s definitely just beginning! To learn more about celebrity endorsement in advertising, head to Prachar.