One of the most important aspects of branding is drawing some form of association so that the audience in a local city or town can relate to it. One of the ways that huge brands have done this is by having a celebrity endorse their product so that the celeb’s values reflect those of the brand. Celebrity endorsement in advertising has resulted in some of the most successful partnerships in advertising history.

While bigger celebrities are known to reel in the big money for brands, they can do so because they are known by a large regional, nationwide and sometimes international audience. The question arises when local celebrities are involved in the discussion. Is it worth approaching them for an endorsement? What can they bring to the table? How will you calculate your Return on Investment?

Here’s a breakdown on the pros:-

They can be easily negotiated with –

One of the aspects with local celebrities is that they generally represent themselves as they’re either in their initial stages of fame or aren’t big enough to hire a talent agency. Depending on the marketing strategy, you can clearly detail out the influencer marketing campaigns with regards to promoting your brand. Usually, it’s better to connect with a host of such influencers to garner more engagement. 

In order to establish contact with them, you can get in touch with us. We will be able to negotiate the best deals for celebrities, which don’t involve a lot of money and also comes around as a barter. You can also be clear on the monetary compensation part and use them for X amount of appearances or shoots.

Local celebrities are great at outdoor events –

If you’re promoting a brand at say, a mall, or a pop-up, using a local celebrity can actually work to your advantage. They can be the recognizable face or voice in the crowd that draws the audience to your stall or shop. From there, you can take their details and introduce your product well.

It could sow the seeds to a fruitful partnership –

While there’s no saying how popular a local celebrity can get, there’s no harm in taking your chances. If you think they have the potential to make it big, then getting in early could work to your benefit. Promotions are mutual and both parties enjoy benefits but if you strike gold, you could be lucky to approach the celebrity to endorse your product even after they become super famous.

With these tips, we’d suggest you take the chance and hire a local celebrity. Of course, evaluate your social media marketing plan, along with the necessity, logistics and monetary aspects before you do so. However, you need not hesitate once you take the decision. Head over to Prachar to learn more about celebrity management, endorsements and more!