One of the most popular actresses in India today, Alia Bhatt is also one of the most recognizable among the best celebrity management companies of the country. From her wonderful acting skills that have enthralled audiences for almost a decade, to being the face of some of the biggest brands, she sure has created her own niche among a pantheon of stars.

Talking about her brand work can take a while considering the number of brands she endorses. Easily an actress who can be recognized for her bubbly and cheerful persona, she’s coveted by some of the most popular Alia Bhatt brand ambassador companies in the country.

If you’re someone who wants to work with her or sign her up, here’s how we can help you connect her to your brand:

TVCs –

Still the most popular format of advertising, TVCs are watched by millions across the country. With primetime slots across news channels, sports broadcasts and even popular TV shows, you can sign a deal to get Alia for your celebrity brand endorsement across the board. 

TVCs generally require a massive budget owing to the scale of operations – both from the marketing and the video ad itself. It’s important that you’re able to understand exactly how you’d like to break down the budget so it becomes simpler to allot the money exactly. TVCs are risky but come with high rewards as they reach out to a large audience across demographics.

Print Ads –

Print ads are another popular avenue for brand marketers to get their company’s name and product to a large audience. While their numbers have dwindled owing to the growth of digital media, they still hold prominence among plenty of customers who still purchase newspapers and magazines.

Print ads also require a certain nuance to the way an ad is shot, edited and placed in a newspaper. Prachar plays a strong role in dictating the terms with various prominent newspapers whether they be national or regional. With our help, you’ll be able to get the right slot in different newspapers with your product being endorsed by Alia.

Digital Presence –

Digital presence is the number one requirement for many brands today. Also, it not very easy to crack the best deals for celebrities here. Growing their audience in social media and other channels like YouTube remains a key priority for a number of them and the right approach is needed, especially if the brand is being pulled by a star vehicle like Alia.

Identifying the right channel and placing the right budgets, responding to queries and more are just some of the factors on digital marketing. With Prachar, you’ll be able to do all of this and ensure you get the best out of your campaign with Alia, across channels.