The growth of technology changed or at least had a significant effect on anything it affected or came into contact with. Technology has played a huge role in our business lives, from the introduction of e-mail to the explosion of the Internet and social media, as well as the latest platforms that have arrived and are evolving on a daily basis. This is a position that needs to be recognized and praised.

The following are some of the most significant ways that technology has changed and affected the advertising media planning industry:

1.Video Content Success:

If it was all about the TV 10-20 years ago, with the internet and the advent of sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Snapchat, a promotional video has become more popular, and the popularity of its content has grown along with it. People have become used to viewing videos, making static images like typical billboards appear boring in comparison.

People are becoming increasingly aware of what to expect and request from the ads they get. As a result, they are no longer waiting; instead, they are responding and producing their own press.

2.Behavioural Profiling:

Nowadays, each client and customer needs and expects to be moved by an advertisement campaign, to feel as if the ads are tailored to him or her as if they are specifically discussing his or her concern or desire. One which has become more and more feasible as a result of emerging technology and digital development.

Behavioral targeting has become viral on the internet, allowing businesses to target users with personalized messages based on location, preferences, browsing history, and demographics. Furthermore, in the traditional advertising model, businesses would place advertisements in media that drew together the target audiences.

They’d target business leaders in the Wall Street Journal, or teenagers on MTV, for instance. However, since marketers now have more resources and data to target precisely the individuals they want to attract, they no longer depend on media as substitutes for customers.

3.Programmatic Buying:

Programmatic buying is a modern way of targeting customers with web ads or digital out-of-home (DOOH). Publishers, marketers, and middlemen can now place electronic bids for digital advertising and target them to individual customers as quickly as they like.

The “owner/company” will tailor a particular message and innovative to the right individual, at the right moment, in the right context, using consumer feedback from the brand (the consumers they want to target).

With these pointers, it’s easy to see how ad film production has evolved. Head over to Prachar to learn more about this industry and how you can get started!