In a country that is obsessed with serials, one of the best ways to promote a brand is to do it within a serial itself. Serials are watched by millions around the nation and abroad too, and you’ll be able to create promotions within a serial to get more people to notice it.

At Prachar, we help you get the right sort of promotions within a serial and excellent ways of celebrity endorsement in advertising. Furthermore, we will also aid in the process of finding out the right serials and also how the product needs to be placed in the shots.

Here’s the advantage you can gain with in-serial promotions:

You can map lifestyle with product: 

With a strategic product placement, you’ll be able to strategically showcase the kind of lifestyle and individuality that you’d like your product to enjoy. Depending on a character and how they are portrayed in the show, your product can be placed accordingly too.

We’ll do the necessary research that goes into finding out exactly the kind of actor or role that would be perfect. Once we shortlist a few of the candidates, we’ll complete the discussions necessary with regards to how many times the product needs to be showcased on that particular shot and you’ll be good to go!

You could enjoy long-term coverage:

If you get to collaborate with a show at the beginning stages, you’ll be able to smartly showcase long-term coverage if the show does well. By this we mean, by associating a product with a particular individual or a show, your name becomes synonymous with their content.

We’ll be able to identify exactly what kind of shows work best for your kind of product. Once we do that, it becomes simpler to go forth and associate with a type of serial and help your audience also know your brand better.


Another massive advantage that social media has brought forth is the availability of the actors’ or the serials’ accounts. By using their accounts to cross-promote your product, you’re also ensuring more people view the product, in addition to being displayed on another platform. We will also help you get your social media marketing plan to further progress with your brand!

We’ll negotiate grabbing celebrity endorsement deals on your behalf, and create a contract that allows for paid promotions for certain actors or shows. By doing so, it becomes easier for you to cross-promote all of your brands in various ways and take it to another level with regards to sales.

Head over to Prachar and learn all about in-serial promotions that we make possible with premium AD film production houses in Mumbai. We will also share with you the secret to effective influencer marketing campaigns, strategic programmatic buying, branding and everything else to stand out!

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