Influencer Marketing has gained ascending popularity among brands. Social media has become a strong platform for content creators from all walks of life. Brands are now tapping into this ever-growing niche of content creation to boost their awareness amongst their target audiences.

Watch out for these 7 inspiring Influencer marketing trends of 2020 to ace your marketing campaign by this year-end.

  • Exponential shift to video content

We all can unanimously agree that ‘Content is King’ and the success of every business lies in its ability to curate a compelling story.

Over time, high-speed internet has become a quotidian in every household. We’re now seeing a shift towards a highly visual world where videos are emerging as the most omnipotent form of communication. An influencer’s video content is the best way to convey your brand’s goals, visions, and ideals to your target audience.

  • Influencers with similar core values

Choosing the wrong influencer for a brand can steer the campaign in the wrong direction. The company may suffer from a negative brand image, lose money, and even some of its loyal customers.

In the future, we can see more brands with the resolution to work with influencers who share their same core values, through their influencer marketing campaigns.

  • Brands will merge Influencer Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing

Influencer marketing, Content marketing and Social media marketing were considered to be distinct platforms in online marketing. Off late, we’ve come to realize that they’re just various components of a single marketing process.

At the top of the hierarchy lies content marketing, undeniably the lion of the marketing jungle. To help this content reach a wider scale of audience, brands will incessantly make use of influencers as well as operate their own social media accounts as per their social media marketing plan, blog posts, YouTube videos, podcasts etc.

  • The utilization of customers and employees

Along with influential media personalities who have a huge following on social media, we’ll also see the rise of customers and employees getting into the field of influencer marketing. The biggest fans of your brand, products are your satisfied customers and employees, and they’ll undoubtedly make the best advocates for your products too. Even though they target a smaller audience, their knowledge and experience of the product can have a powerful word-of-mouth effect on your brand.

  • Long term relationships

Gone are the days when brands collaborated with Influencers on a campaign to campaign basis. Brands will now focus on nurturing long term relationships with their influencers. Every brand wants an organic growth rate of their customers and creating long term relations through an influencer’s content can help a brand become credible and authentic in the eyes of its target audience.

  • The Rise of Micro-influencers

With strong expertise in their respective niches and a highly engaging audience, micro-influencers will be the most sought after influencers of 2020. Not only are they cost-effective but they also have the ability to connect with their audience on a deeper level, ensuring organic conversions and a higher ROI.

  • Likes will no longer dictate ‘validation’

In 2020, the engagement metrics such as ‘likes’ will no longer dictate the ‘value’ of an influencer. Brands will solely depend on the authenticity and quality of an influencer’s content. In the era where likes and followers can be easily purchased, removing such metrics is certainly a move in the right direction.

The marketplace is an ever-evolving field. Every aspiring marketer must watch out for these permutations to build a high profile brand status in the industry. With Prachar at your service, this is your ultimate destination for all your influencer marketing solutions. Get in touch with us to stay at the top of your game.