With 2020 well and truly behind us, there have been plenty of PR trends that have shaped up because of COVID-19. Digitalization saw massive growth because of the pandemic and it looks like they’re here to stay.

So many trends emerged as we actually learned how to go on with everyday life, sustain social relationships, and operate in an increasingly connected world, COVID-19 or not. Here are five digital trends to keep an eye on in 2021:

1.Managing Misinformation:

Social networks were created to make sharing of information and dispersal as simple as possible, and they have been wildly successful in doing so. They were not designed, on the other hand, to filter, edit, or end up making editorial decisions on the knowledge shared by users.

It has been quite a revelation to watch Twitter and Facebook deal with an everyday deluge of misleading content and deliberate misinformation communicated across their portals.

In order to chart a different path, all social media platforms, developed and emerging, will need to take a much deeper look at false information and themselves in 2021. While devising a social media marketing plan you have to keep this factor in mind as well2

2.Virtual Events Will Still Be Present:

2020 will undoubtedly be recognized as the year of virtual events, with an unprecedented amount of time spent in real-time video meetings and chats. When it becomes secure to host large-scale social events again, there is very little denying that big industry and tentpole events will return.

The use of online technologies to bring widely dispersed viewers together for smaller-scale situations is also likely to persist. This is referring to situations such as product releases or customer events, where people have traditionally traveled to be present physically and have now realized that this is not necessarily required.

3.Data Privacy:

Access to second- or third data could become scarce as people become more aware of digital data gathering and regulatory agencies become more involved. Marketers and their companies should be making preparations for such a situation right now. How do you do it? Begin by prioritizing the collection of first-party data, which is the most trustworthy, accurate, and cost-effective data.

4.Online Gaming:

Gaming has been a priority over several years and is now on almost every trend list for 2021. There’s a valid reason for this. YouTube Gaming had 100 billion watch time hours worldwide in 2020. Consider this: 100 billion hours were spent seeing others play these games rather than playing games themselves. It’s mind-blowing.

With these tips, it becomes easier to see and predict the PR trends that could shape our world in the next few years. Head to Prachar to know more.