We’re a few weeks into 2021 and digital marketing has truly seen a paradigm shift in the last year. With the pandemic bringing out the best in creatives, there have been so many changes in the advertising and media planning industry that 2021 looks poised to take another step further.

Here are five advertising and media planning trends to familiarize yourself with in 2021 –

Inclusivity –

Today, inclusivity is highly talked about and for good measure. It’s time that people are given equal rights and it’s heartening to see the likes of LGBTQ and other minorities get the recognition they well and truly fought for and deserve.

2021 will see inclusivity in content, especially among marginalized and younger audiences who want to see more equality in representation. Digital marketing includes matters pertaining to a variety of religions, races, sexualities and more and 2021 will take that up a notch.

No-click searches and featured snippets –

The SEO goal has for many years been all about getting listings up to the number one spot. Now, however, SEO has been all about shifting the visibility to position zero. This means, finding your site on Google’s featured snippet options. 2021 SEO is all about prioritizing this over the others.

Featured snippets work differently for various entities and cracking this can give you a massive advantage this year.  It also features all the necessary information without the need for a user to click on it.

Sustainability –

Just like inclusivity, people are also going to be extra careful about sustainability and the environment this year. They will ensure that brands receive their money and are concerned about planet Earth as much as they are.

More than 81% consumers believe companies must help in the improvement of the environment and this means boosting eco-friendly and sustainable products will be on the rise on digital.

Blocking the ad blockers –

Digital marketing trends of 2021 aren’t all about progress and positivity. There are also requirements of overcoming obstacles such as ad blockers. More than 27% of internet users will utilize ad blockers in 2021 and marketers will find their source of income cut off.

Finding ways to overcome this will be another massive challenge for the leading advertising and media agencies and marketers around the world. Adapting is something you need to do this year!

Image and video SEO –

Images and videos can be searched for by keying in the necessary keywords but existing images for searches can also be entered to make life easier.

More users will discover visual search techniques and this has the potential to change SEO for good.

Along with these, a robust social media marketing plan is something you cannot miss out on. With all these techniques, it becomes easier to see the trends that 2021 will bring up. Make sure you’re braced for them so you can take your digital marketing exercises to another level.