When it comes to advertising today, celebrity brand endorsements in India can go a long way. Brands are ready to play the game and get a celeb’s face on their communications. With effective social media marketing plans adding fuel, it’s a safe and smart way for any brand to go forth and create an impression.

Here are four ways you too, can integrate a celebrity with your brand:

Offer Equity:

If you’re looking to access celebrities and increase your buy-in chances with them, you can offer equity as part of the deal. It gives them an incentive to keep promoting your brand, as they grow with you as well.

The equity can be offered in terms of the services and goods, for which you can also receive a return on the celebrity brand endorsement, rather than just stock and cash ownership. A good example of this was when Under Armour signed the biggest football star, Tom Brady with an equity stake.

The endorsement worked both ways as UA went on to become the second-largest sports apparel brand in the USA, and Brady’s success and income generated grew parallelly.

Give Them A Cause:

Aligning with a non-profit or a charity is another great incentive for celebrities. Working with a cause can create a positive image for your brand and also offers you the chance to find common ground with a celebrity.

Celebrities work with charities and are always open to working with brands if it is for a good cause. New Balance, for example, has a charity section in their endorsement deals where each athlete spends some time with underprivileged communities. In return, the brand donates apparel or money to a charity of their choice.

Adjust Targeting:

There are high chances that you’re mostly not representing a corporate behemoth and your business cannot afford a particular celebrity. That doesn’t mean you can’t adjust too.

Use the opportunity to be more selective and choose a celebrity who shows potential. It can pay off in the future and also help you save money.

If you’re trying to reach consumers within a particular state or city, you can target influencers who have deep ties to your area. Like stars from a nearby college, or local celebrities who made it big or current ones who are slowly inching their way to the top.

With these techniques, you’ll be able to get yourself a proper brand integration with a celebrity. Head over to Prachar and learn all about the best celebrity management companies, best companies for sports sponsorship, programmatic buying servicesand more!