“Advertising is the way great brands get to be great brands.”

                                                                                                 −  Al Ries

We live in a day and age where advertising, as it should be, has become a necessity. Brands, across all industries, want to be known and strive to create a voice of their own in this ever so competitive world. There are some brands that carve out an advertising media planning budget just so they can seamlessly advertise throughout the year, whereas there are some that still consider it an expense.

One thing that we must understand is that if you are investing money into an activity that yields an ROI, it becomes an ‘expense’ that you must venture into. Advertising your brand with a great strategy in place is imperative. Just like there’s no one that’s better than you when it comes to making your product, there’s no one like Prachar when it comes to planning and executing effective advertising strategies.

If you’re someone who wants to invest in advertising but are still not convinced about why you should be doing it, read on:

  • Getting a new customer to purchase a product from you is great but getting repeat customers is what we’re all living for. With a plethora of choices now available in the market, instead of allowing your existing customers to shift to another brand, you should create some great campaigns. This will serve as a constant reminder to them as to why they bought from you and why they should continue doing so.

  • Advertising allows you to introduce new products and services to the masses at large. One ad has the potential to reach out to tens of millions of people thereby allowing you to expand your reach far and wide.

  • Through advertising, you can create an image for your brand. Become more than just a name, become a thought, an emotion, an indelible feeling. Build a connection with your customer so that they are forever yours.

  • Advertising consecutively for a long period of time increases the number of people talking about your brand, visiting your online and offline stores and enhances your sales.

The number of benefits that come with advertising and programmatic buying are many, but they only materialize if you have quality offerings. A product or service that is unique and created keeping in mind its user is something that people are willing to invest in.

Allow your user to get to know you. Allow your brand to be known.